we ourselves are manufacturers & exporters of all types of Horse English & Western saddles, Pads, Girths, Blankets, Stirrup, Stirrup Iron, Bridals, Reins, Polo sticks, Balls, Jumping stands, Racing & trotting Harness, Racing Kart, Equestrian products, Real leather Pants, Coats, Jackets, Bike suits, Belts, bags, Portfolio, purses; from head to tail with all its accessories & spare parts, in any desired color, length & sizes,

In all above products we use real, fresh & genuine Cow hide, lamb & sheep skin leather, from 1 to 6mm thickness, which colors are dyed & fully penetrated in the skin, instead of painted pigments, which do not peeled off, Be sure that we only use upper & central part of animal skin, & never use Split leather or real leather of animal knack & bailey, which causes less finish, & become out of size after elapse of short time,

Our all Leather items are tanned, dyed, highly oiled calf skin & finished in our own Leather Tannery, which is equipped with latest imported machinery, in which its relevant chemicals & all raw material used therein, are imported from European manufacturers, whom made it specially for these products, our outer finish & workmanship of our products are strictly as per European standard, while our prices are at Asian level, Besides our skilled workers have the capability to copy any of your special item

Our all saddles are beautiful, durable, deep seat with narrow twist which provide the riders perfect support for bone seat, position, close contact to horseback & position in the saddle, saddle trees are hand crafted, made of hard shesham wood, not be infected by wood warms, & is lined up with 5x20mm steel bar and is laminated with silk thread, & liquid fiber, which make it flexible & non de-shapeable,

1,Regular Quarter Horse bars – gullet width: 5 3/4″

2,Semi-quarter horse bars – gullet width: 6″

3,Full quarter horse bars – gullet width: 6 1/4″-6 1/2″

4,Extra-wide quarter horse bars – gullet width: 6 3/4″-7″

Arabian bars – gullet width: 6 1/4″-6 3/4″ (has a flatter pitch than quarter horse bars)

As back of all horses are different to each other regions, seat is covered with 2-mm real Calf leather oiled by German material, which make the saddle long lasting & greater look,

however at special demand small or large tree can be made in polyimide & synthetic fibers, which flexibility shape itself around the horse back, Seat sizes are available in 16, 16.50, 17, 17.50, 18, 18.50 & 19-inches, for 17 & 18-inch seats horseback contact area will be 44 & 48-cm respectively, besides exchangeable tree width can also be made from 24-30cm, seat of the saddle is first stretched with high class webbings, Sewened kneepads are made in soft latex/Rubber foam, which are covered with 2mm real cowhide skin, Main & underneath flaps of saddles, girth straps are made of 4mm genuine real cow hide skin,

Our saddle pads are made extra wide, with round smooth edges and free space for the shoulders. While Hybrid panels of natural wool flock and latex foam, really make it shock absorbing quality, as well as make free of bad pressure points & distribute the rider’s weight evenly over the horse back,

All Bridals, girths, reins, harness are also made of these leather & material, however Stirrup irons with engraved designs are made of molded stainless steel, which is then highly polished,

Real Leather belts, bags, suits & purses are also made of same above real cow hide, lamb & sheep skin quality leather, with same above raw material, workmanship & on same machinery, We can easily screen print, emboss & embroidered your patent mono gram or trade mark on each of your ordered goods,

As we both are new to each other’s, whom should not put blind faith to others, while each should always open new doors of business, so we both have to take some risky steps, you in shape of placing trial order & sending full amount in advance, while we have to move all manufacturing process for few pieces, which cost prices will be much less than you will pay us, besides we do not stock any items in our godowns, as all orders are strictly made for specific customers, so we are neither bound to supply free samples nor accept sample order less than 3-5 pieces or us$.1000.00 whichever is greater,